Sound the Retreat

A mellow day hanging around SoCal. Dad started his day keeping his new knees in top shape by putting in some miles on his exercise bike. I ran over to Scripps clinic in Carlsbad to get the blood drawn for my physical next week. Afterwards, I grabbed a bite to eat and sat at the beach having breakfast before going for a nice walk to get my remaining blood circulating. Went through the day with a crappy headache and a stiff neck but managed to survive.

In the afternoon, I sat in heavy traffic on my way to our meditation retreat. Not a lot of brotherhood and serenity going on in the gridlock trenches heading over. Began to feel the love as I pulled into the mission. A beautiful San Luis Rey sunset topped off the day. Met up with our crew of meditators. Great to see good friends after so much time. We got caught up over dinner then had a peaceful meditation and sharing what’s been going on on our lives during the past year. Trying to do less electronics on the retreat, so keeping it short. Peace ✌️