A Chilly MLK Day

A chilly, blustery day. The wind was howling as many of the weekend warriors packed up their gear and headed down the road. A far cry from the other day, the beach was devoid of any human life as I went for a walk down the moving sands of Butler Beach. The cold quickly saturated my being and I hustled back to warm up on the RV. A comfortably lazy day.

In the afternoon, we took a drive into St. Augustine and had a peek at the lighthouse. We visited the mariners museum and wandered around the outside of the property. We explored up and down some of the little side streets leading to the beach then did a few errands before heading back to the park.

Cali was up for a tour of the RV park’s perimeter and we let her lead the way following her nose wherever it led us. We are weighing maybe staying here in March while PJ flies back to Rhode Island, so we investigated a few of the available spots. The moon was full and brightly lighting up the beach. We walked out the wooden access walkway but the wind drove us back to the RV. Hope it eases up some tomorrow.