Slo-mo Tuesday

Kind of a down day here at Sebastian Inlet. Cali and I started off the day with a long hike out towards the beach then down the bike trail on the south side of the park. The trail was pretty monotonous with tall mangroves blocking any views on either side. The path had an odd optical illusion where it appeared that the trail went uphill but when I looked at the level of the swamp water on either side the ground was totally flat.

The cooler weather today kept us hanging inside most of the morning. Besides we were in a funk and not too excited about doing much. At noon, we got ourselves out the door and took the bridge over the intracoastal waterway to attend the Lunch Break meeting over in Sebastian. A cool group of mostly retirees with lots of snowbirds representing colder states. It was a good way to spend an hour then we headed over to the local shopping center and grabbed a bite of Chinese food at Bamboo Court. With our hunger taken care of, it was time for a big shop at Publix to refill the pantry.

A nap filled most of our afternoon then we roused ourselves in time to ride our bikes out to Coconut Point to try for a different angle on the sunset. The dredging crews had called it a day so we snuck past the yellow tape and pedaled out to the end of the point and watched the sun go down from the point. A few night shift guys were working on the barge but they didn’t seemed concerned with us loitering around. A pretty sunset to brighten our evening then we raced back to camp before it got too dark. Cali was up for a long stroll through the campground so that was how we ended our blue Tuesday.