On the Catwalk

Today was an easy day around the campground. Cali and I went for a long walk along the inlet watching boats ply the waters as fishermen along the rocks wetted their lines from the shore. The birds at the fish cleaning station were raising a ruckus as they battled each other for the scraps that were tossed their way. It was a little cooler today and a brisk wind was blowing from the sea. I relaxed out on the porch when we got back drinking tea and reading a magazine I found in the laundry room. The wind picked up leading me to roll up the awning to keep it from flying away.

After breakfast, PJ worked on her shell project. She busted out the drill and started boring small holes to hang the shells on her net. She was at it for a while then we took a break and rode the bikes down to Coconut Point to look for driftwood to hold the net in place. I waded around in the shallow water but with the chill wind there was no way I was jumping in today. We meandered around both sides of the point beachcombing for whatever flotsam we might incorporate into a work of art.

All of that effort brought on an afternoon nap and we took a little down time to catch a few zzz’s and do some reading. As sunset approached, we put away the tools and walked over to the catwalk that goes out underneath the bridge. We got a nice vantage point looking inland up the Indian River and behind us were the jetties that open out to the Atlantic. Another golden sunset to end a restful day at Sebastian Inlet.