An Unremarkable Day

Took a recalcitrant Cali for a walk down to the beach this morning to the stairway that is blocked off by the dredging equipment. She was unimpressed and petitioned for an early return to camp. There were a few other folks out dog walking or riding bikes. An osprey was surveying then scene from a power pole as we made our way home.

PJ and I emptied some of the storage bays and cleaned and organized the gear stashed in there. We set out our patio mats and made the camp as homey as we could. We headed off to the Beaches Unity group for the noon meeting then roamed around Jacksonville taking care of a few errands. On the way back to camp we stopped at the poles and beachcombed for a half an hour. PJ found a nice sand dollar and some cool looking cockle.

An evening walk and a quiet night getting things ready for my trip tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “An Unremarkable Day

  1. Have a good trip, Mike. Will PJ be monitoring the blog while you’re away? I don’t know who I’m writing to-DUH! Love. Meema


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