Cocoa Loco

Today was downright summerlike. I brewed up some tea and sat outside doing crosswords to start the day. I set up the shade cloth for the awning to keep us from getting too cooked. We lazed around most of the morning then took a drive into Cocoa Beach. We stopped at the auto parts store and bought a can of coolant to top up the air conditioner in the car. The driver’s side had been blowing warm air. We recharged the system in the parking lot then drove in air conditioned comfort over to the Walmart where we loaded up on groceries and cleaning supplies to give the RV an early spring cleaning.

On the way back to Canaveral, we stopped at the beach in Cocoa to see of there was any surf. Pretty slim pickin’s in these parts. We goofed around for a few minutes but decided to get our perishables home before they started to wilt. Back at the RV, Cali was ready to get out so we explored around the park while PJ put things away. The evening was warm and the sun was beating down on Wilson as a Disney cruise ship slowly sailed by in the background. I grabbed my bike and did a spin around the jetty area and the lower campground. As I was jetting around the bike path through the trees, I nearly collided with a guy speeding in the opposite direction. They set out food for the feral cats at a station along the path, but a raccoon was there keeping the cats at bay while he chowed down on their dinners.

I cooked up a shrimp stir fry and we savored the flavor while watching the local news. Spent the evening balancing the books and making future plans.

2 thoughts on “Cocoa Loco

  1. Glad to see they sell Patriots towels in that little shop. That was the first thing that caught my eye among all the colorful floats, boards, etc. Yep, Meema’s a fan waiting for Sunday’s game. Spring cleaning looks like a fine thing to do with the weather you’re having. Love you both. Meema


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