Biking Around Town

Another picture perfect sunny day at Jetty Campground. After a slow moving morning sipping coffee on the porch, we decided to bike into Cocoa Beach and have a look around. The sidewalks are extra wide and have plenty of room for bikes and the occasional pedestrian we would come across. Actually more oldies on bikes than people on foot. We thought we’d make it to a noon AA meeting by Cocoa Sands, so we put foot to pedal and raced the 8.2 miles to the little storefront only to find that Tuesday’s have 11:00 o’clock meetings so it was just finishing up when we arrived.

We turned right around and rode back into central Cocoa Beach. Kelly Slater got his start here in Cocoa Beach and they proudly display statues of him about the town. We pulled up in the main downtown and poked our heads into the giant RonJon surfshop. My old bro Chuckie Cutback used to work here back in the eighties before setting up his own surfing enterprise down in Jaco, Costa Rica. It’s huge inside, at least a full city block, the Walmart of the surfing world.

A few blocks over sits the Cocoa Beach pier. We wandered through the lot and peeked over the fence but we were in riding mode and didn’t want to get cooled off. Besides, we weren’t into paying to get onto the beach and pier area. We rode hard for Jetty Park taking the back roads nearest the beach. PJ made us tuna sandwiches and we kicked back under the awning and rested up. Seventeen mile round trip. Felt good to be out in the fresh air.

The day was still warm so we walked over to the beach and jumped in the ocean. A stand up paddler was giving it the old college try but the waves are truly non-existent here in Central Florida. The water was around 70 and a handful of people were out wading around. We walked the shoreline picking up shells for PJ’s next art project then sat in our chairs until it started getting chilly before toting our stuff back home to sit in our outside chairs watching folks meander by.

2 thoughts on “Biking Around Town

  1. OK, I have to admit I looked up Kelly Slater. Had no idea who he really is. Handsome devil with 11 world championships under his belt. Very impressive! Gregory bought me a RonJon tee when he went to FL about 10 years ago. Again, I didn’t have a clue, but I did wear it. So happy the weather is beautiful for you. Keep on biking! Love you all. Meema


  2. Looks like the seagulls were meandering by also. Nice statues of surfer dudes! When I lived in Hawaii they are really into surfing!!! I tried it as youngster until I got hit in the kidneys!! Enjoy!!! Love, K


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