Hanging Around the Compound

This morning after walking Cali, I took an exploratory walk around the compound. They have four pools spread throughout the resort with a jacuzzi near the West tennis courts. I peeked in the tiny weight room but was disappointed to find a bunch of antiquated treadmills and one of those bikes that looks like it has a house fan attached to its front wheel. Across the A1A they have their own gated walkway to the beach with another pool on the waterfront. The sea was rough from all of the wind we have been having lately. Nearer our camp, we have a long pier with a little pergola on the end. I went out to the bench and had a morning meditation over the shallow water before rousing PJ and starting our day.

The day warmed up nicely peaking in the high seventies. We sat outside on the river enjoying the sun and playing guitar for a while. The other guest from California two spots over came by and introduced himself and we got into a long conversation. Bob and his wife have been hanging out here since April suffering through the Florida summer heat. As we talked, fish were jumping, birds were diving to feed on them, and the occasional dolphin would swim past.

PJ pulled me way and we visited the larger pool a few doors down from us and swam some laps. It felt good to get in a serious swim, been a long time since I’ve had the chance. When we got out, we walked a few blocks down to the other pool with the jacuzzi and hopped in the hot tub. We chatted up a lady from Michigan who was sad to be heading back to the cold tomorrow. After the hot tub, it was nap time for us idlers.

As evening approached we rallied and mounted our bicycles to check out the surrounding neighborhoods. We rode south on A1A for a while then turned into some side streets to have a look around. We returned to Outdoor Resorts and PJ had a look at the beachfront pool and hang out area. Across the street on the resort side there is a 7-11, a veterinarian and a little ice cream shop. We grabbed a few things at the store then I went into the vet and made an appointment to get Cali’s nails clipped tomorrow. PJ succumbed to the temptation of the ice cream shop and we ordered up a couple of cones and munched them in front of the stand.

Back at camp we had new neighbors. The Canadians that were next to us headed home today and when we pulled up tonight Wilson’s twin was set up in their place. It looks like a rental RV with Colorado plates. Maybe we’ll learn more tomorrow. We sat out in the pleasant evening and watched another sunset and strummed a few more tunes on the guitar. I heated up some soup and we dined on that with a little cheese and crackers. Easy living. Got to be careful of the powerful Florida sun.

Will the real Wilson please stand up

2 thoughts on “Hanging Around the Compound

  1. Looks like an ideal place to stay awhile! The pool is big and everything looks so clean. Cold up here! Enjoy yourselfs. Love,Karen


  2. Big football weekend here! Oh yah, that other thing 😏

    This campground certainly meets criteria for extended stay! Even for Cali girl!
    R & S


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