On the Move

On the move again. This time back north to St. Augustine. We were sad to leave the cool, natural beauty of Sebastian State Park. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River there was always something to see. The only drawback, especially for PJ, was the stinking no-seeums. They really cause a reaction for her.

No-seeum markage

We crossed back over the bridge at midday and cruised the A1A up to Cocoa Beach where we got onto the I-95 for an hour and a half of nondescript freeway driving until we reached our exit at Butler Beach. Bryn Mawr is a typical pack ‘em in like sardines RV park but at least it’s right on the beach. As we were pulling through the gate where the arm raises up, the guy in front of us with an extra huge fifth wheel trailer took out the post that holds the key card reader that opens the gate. It took them a few minutes to clear the scene then we went in and parked ourselves up then took a walk on the wide sandy beach.

Dune Turtle

The St. Augustine area has the large beaches where they allow cars to drive on the sand. They keep them up on the higher ground but you still have to keep an eye out for passing vehicles. Cali was feeling pretty sporty and headed straight to the shore to wade in the cool sea. She didn’t go in very deep, but for her to be excited about getting wet at all is unusual these day and fun when it happens. The three of us strolled about a mile to the north then turned around and headed back. We hooked up and relaxed for the night.

One thought on “On the Move

  1. It’s so cool to see Cali walking in the water. I’ve never seen her do that before. Glad you got away from the no seeums. I can remember those nasty little suckers when we used to camp. It’s pouring here right now after a dusting of snow. Now we wait for the temp to drop and the rain to turn to sleet and ice. We’re in for power outages when that happens. My neighbor will get our generators going if we lose power because I WILL NOT miss the Patriot game at 6:40!! Stay well. Love, Meema


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