Blood Moon

A chilly Sunday. Caught a bit of sunrise then took a long walk on the beach. A quiet day that we spent much of continuing to clean areas that have started to show signs of mildew from the wet weather. We had taken care of the obvious areas, so now we emptied cabinets and wiped the insides with a bleach solution to keep any possible growth from getting a toehold. At noon, we drove into St. Augustine proper to pay a visit to the Serenity House for the midday meeting. Picked up a few groceries and a couple of pizzas at Pizza Hut then headed home to watch playoff football.

Later in the night we went outside to catch the blood moon eclipse. Down on the beach access walk, we caught it from the first little bite until the entire moon was covered in shadow. Pretty cool stuff. A few other campers were out looking and taking in the beauty. Cali took advantage of our inattention and slunk off to roam the campground. PJ chased her down doing her best not to wake too many campers. The weather dropped into the thirties. Totally schizophrenic weather here in Florida.

4 thoughts on “Blood Moon

  1. I caught some of the moon, too. Clouds cleared away about 9PM last night leaving a perfect viewing situation.

    See you when the weather’s warmer!


  2. GREAT pics of the super blood moon! How about those Pats? I had to take one of my chill pills when my anxiety level spiked and I had a pain in my chest. Hot damn – it was worth it , 37 -31!! As Coach Bill would say, “On to the Rams”. Presently it’s 1 degree but a feel like -21 with pavements like ice rinks. No meeting for me today. I’m not too steady on my bad knee and foot and I don’t need a fall. Hope your weather warms up. Love you all. Meema


    1. Super blood wolf moon 🌚. Go Pats. Bummer about the Saints getting burned by the refs. They should be playing us


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